Renewal of KTS, no connection to link my account and email address, amount of discount fluctuated.

  • 25 October 2019
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I had a renewal reminder a couple of weeks ago as my licence was due to expire in about a month.

So thought okay will renew via Kaspersky as renewal price was £24 with 60% off.

However after renewing and setting up the Activation code ready to continue once existing licence expires it still shows in KTS that my licence is about to expire and should renew…

Okay thought that was a bit crap but then to really piss me off I get an email addressed to me offereing a renewal with 70% off...so I could now renew for £18 instead of the £24 I have already paid.

Is there no connection to link my account and email address to the fact that I have renewed so Kaspersky don’t hassle customers who have renewed and then really piss them off by offering it cheaper..:rage:

How about a refund or credit for the amoumt that I have now appeared to overpaid?

4 replies


After contacting Kaspersky Lab online store they have refunded the difference between what I paid and the later discount offer, so thanks to them for this…

However no explanation as to why the fact I had already renewed via the Kaspersky app and it still keeps reminding me to renew and offering further discounts.

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Hello   @Richchad,

Thank you for letting us know!

Re: “Explanation”, (imo) unless you specifically ask this question, none will be forth coming.

Re: “Renew & discount offers”, I would:

  1. Create sysimage.
  2. Create system restore point.
  3. (for ALL browsers) export bookmarks.
  4. Export KTS Settings.
  5. Reset KTS to default.
  6. Delete everything in C:\Windows\Temp
  7. Run KTS Clean & Optimize Wizards - including reboot(s).
  8. In MyKaspersky account - disconnect & resync device. 
  9. Reboot, restart device, login.
  10. Start KTS, run manual Database update - allow it to complete.
  11. Run manual Full Scan, allow it to complete & don’t use device while it’s running
  12. If, after 1 > 11, the “offers” persist, raise a case with Technical Support.

Please let us know you go?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Hello @FLOOD  thanks for your input on this…

However before doing all that I was going to wait until my existing licence expires in a few days and when the new licence is activated see what happens after that.

Maybe then I will not need to do the above but will see…


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Hello @Richchad,

Thank you for posting back:pray_tone3:

Yes, waiting for license expiry makes sense, however, if after that, the issue persists, definitely run 1 to 11 & escalate (12), if necessary. 

My own experience, last year, I formally cancelled a subscription. This year, several weeks, before the cancelled subscription’s anniversary, I started to receive copious notifications and emails, telling me the “subscription was about to expire”, it turned me :older_man_tone3: getting the Lab & Digital River to fix the issue. 

Best regards. 

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