Pure has taken over my KIS on my Desktop but my other devices are unchanged.

  • 9 October 2021
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KIS on my Desktop has changed to Pure much to my annoyance. My other devices,Laptop,Phones,Tablet have not been affected. I do not want Pure as it appears not to give the same protection as KIS. Can anyone help me please as I cannot find any help from Kaspersky.


Best answer by Berny 10 October 2021, 16:34

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3 replies

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@OleRash35 Welcome.

Did you try to uninstall Pure and install KIS ?

Thanks Berny.  Haven't tried that yet. I'm a bit uncomfortable about leaving my pc unprotected for the period between uninstall and reinstall.  I know it shouldn't  take long but at my age 86 I may have some difficulty.  Any other suggestions ?

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@OleRash35 You are welcome. Don’t worry … please first download the KIS installer , then uninstall Pure > reboot > reinstall KIS > Update databases > reboot. This simple procedure will only take some minutes