Protected browser not opening, Firefox, logging into my bank.

  • 16 January 2021
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Im using the latest version of Kaspersky Total Security and for some reason upon logging into my bank the browser doesnt show.

I know this to be wrong as i used to use Kaspersky Internet security and the browser worked perfectly well then.


Im using the latest version of Firefox to access the bank as thats the main go to browser for me.



8 replies

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In current vrrsion (Please tell us build number version) KIS working fine with your bank and KTS not? Probably not samé version…

Do you have added your bank (link and action to open web browser automatically in safe money)? 

Current Version of Kaspersky is

i have no idea how to get version of Protected Browser


My bank is listed yes in the safe money list.

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Try reset browser default settings.

I have reset browser and even reinstalled browser.

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Hi @Jimkirk363 , 

Do I correctly understand the issue: you open your bank site in Firefox and the Kaspersky Protected browser (in green frame) does not come up? 

Can you tell us the bank site URL, so that we can test on our side? 

If you go to Kaspersky Safe Money and click on the bank URL in the list of Safe Money, will it open up the Protected browser? 

My bank URL is www.lloydsbank.com


If i go to safe money and click the link it works but not automatically.

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Hello @Jimkirk363 , try to open kts, click on safe money, then click on the wheel (1) and then click on "run potect browser” (2) and then on save (3).




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Hi @Jimkirk363 , 

While in Safe Money list, click on “show all” (if available) to expand the list, search for any website containing lloydsbank.com that has “Do not run Protected Browser” next to it and delete it. Check the issue. 

If there is no lloydsbank.com in any of the websites with “Do not run Protected Browser”, please submit a ticket to technical support via my.kaspersky.com and let me know its number, so we will continue further analysis from there. 

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