Problem closing Excel, it takes a very long time.

  • 13 October 2019
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Dear all,

I have Kaspersky Total Security. Every time I close the Microsoft Excel it takes a very long time and the problem is related with the Kaspersky software. Any suggestion?

Thank you very much.

3 replies

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Can you please specify your KTS and MS Excel version.
Also , why do you suspect Kaspersky ?
Can you please temporary exit KTS and check how MS Excel is behaving.
Thank you very much Berny for your quick response.
Actually I am suspecting Kaspersky because I closed it and the Excel runs normal.
The versions are:
Excel: Office 365 version 1902

Thank you for reading my post.
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You are welcome.

Actually the latest version KTS 2020 is available here

A clean install might fix this issue :
> Exit KTS 2019 > Uninstall (*) > Reboot
> Install KTS 2020 > Update databases > Reboot

!*) Please keep the license information during the uninstall procedure.