Privacy Cleaner, Is clearing the MUICache recommended? [Solved][Closed]

  • 31 December 2019
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Hello, before I even begin allow me to quickly ask how everyone’s holiday went? I hope it was all very enjoyable! Now, in regards to one of the options you can select for clearing in the Privacy Cleaner; the MUICache. Is clearing the MUICache recommended? If so, under what circumstances would I clear it? I can assume that clearing the MUICache regularly would give the system much less of a performance increase compared to the very first time, if correct. I did do some research on the matter, however I am still not 100% sure.


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Hello  @TheSoaringEagle.


  • According to Kaspersky Technical Experts:

MUI cache is written for each application that is being run; it has no particular function but leaves a lot of mess in the registry.

The Location Of The MUICache Data in the Registry
Starting from Windows Vista, the MUICache data is stored under one and only location.

  • Regarding the Kaspersky Clean & Optimize Tools, all are designed to keep a system well maintained. 
  • Note, for all Supported browsers, it’s important to save BookMarks before running the Privacy Wizard. 

Thank you