"OneNote 2020" install never completed and was flagged by K'y

  • 21 February 2021
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!!*subject header title should read,

“OneNote 2020" *install* never completed” (not “OneNote 2020" *download* never completed). I can edit the question but not the subject header above)

I tried to install "OneNote 2020" (a “free” upgrade to OneNote 2010 which I have) from a site that seemed legitimately Microsoft and maintained that the program would work on Windows 7.

When the downloaded .exe (6MB) kept saying it would be finished “in a moment” but never completed -- in fact, the colour on the white 15 cm bar never moved more than about 0.5 cm, I got anxious, imagining all my information being sucked out, or garbled, or something, and pushed CTRL-ALT-DEL and asked the Task Manager to terminate all the processes I could see that might have to do with it, despite the dire warnings about system instability...

Then I turned off the computer, praying that it would start again when I booted it.

When I did, the little pop-up Kaspersky box let me know that something was wrong (I can’t remember the language) and as I follow through saw that flagged with the “slippery floor icon (exclamation in yellow triangle) in my /downloads, there was something called "cnet_ViewerSetup_exe.exe" which K’y flagged as potentially dangerous.

When this warning is triggered by Kaspersky, after such an incident with a Microsoft upgrade, what should one do? I let Kaspersky “resolve” the matter and chose to delete the files … But I’m not sure as there is **no download date** attached to the CNET .exe files  whether they have anything to do with my bad experience with Microsoft.  A download date, or activation date, or any kind of date would help in this circumstance.

(By the way, I went to the “more info” place on the internet and it says that if a user has downloaded this soft of file, it is harmless. But I deleted everything -- via Kaspersky anyway. Is it harmless to try again to download from



I tried URL Void to check for safety but got a very ambiguous vague response. … which made me nervous as this is supposed to be Microsoft.

many thanks,

ps Microsoft just popped up asking whether I wanted to install … so, it’s still there.

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Hello @lalalalalalala


  1. Which KTS version patch(x) x=letter, is installed, on the Windows Taskbar, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About 
  2. In KTS Reports, find the detected events, Save or Export the Report, attach:paperclip: to your reply please? 
  3. Where did you download OneNote 2020 from? 
  4. Topic headings cannot be edited by Community posters, only Moderators or Community Admin have sufficient authority; we’ve flagged the issue for you, a Moderator will assist when they’re available. 

Please let us know? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


hello Flood and Flood’s wife,

Thanks for reaching out.

I don’t see exactly what you asked for but if I right-click and right-click again, I eventually find “properties” and a line in there describing/locating the file reads,

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\Kaspersky Total Security 21.2\avpui.exe"

I downloaded the strange OneNote executable file from


I am going to send this to you now as I am not finding the reports (46 hits for “report” but no actual report).

This is my first day really using K’y and I am exhausted !

thanks again for trying to help … now I must do the work I set out to do earlier this afternoon!

lalalalalalalala :juggling_tone3:


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Hello @lalalalalalala,

You’re most welcome:slight_smile: !

  1. Version & patch, on the Windows Taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About → image 1 
  2. Reports, open KTS, select More Tools, select Reports, find the detections, Save the Report, attach:paperclip: to your reply please? 
  3. The link you posted above, is from URLVOID, we can’t work out how you downloaded the exe from there? 

Select the tiny up arrow to show hidden icons




Thank you:pray_tone3:


aha, there it is in the hidden icons drawer

and oops, sorry I went to the site URLVOID to enquire about the site


and I will send now because I just lost my message again and had to retype

next will come the report

laalallalalalla :closed_umbrella:

hope this works

twice it said “something went wrong”

lalalalalala !!


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Hello @lalalalalalala

Thank you for the additional information:ok_hand_tone3:

  1. When was KTS installed? 
  2. In KTS, Settings:gear: , General, is Delete malicious tools, adware, auto-dialers and suspicious packers checked ? → image below
  3. In Reports, select Web Anti-Virus, as we’ve numbered/shown in our Report image above, then Save the Report & attach:paperclip: to your reply please? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:




I had K’y and let it lapse then tried to purchase it again in early January.  Because I couldn’t get support (was asking the merchandiser, I realised, not Kapersky) and then gave up, it was not actually installed until February sometime. I don’t remember.

There’s nothing in Web virus so I am sending File virus too

Yes, the

Settings:gear: , General, is Delete malicious tools, adware, auto-dialers and suspicious packers is checked


Good afternoon,

I am experiencing a LOT of slowness on my laptop and just had a problem I've never had before: my Ms Word locked me out of w file I was actively working on. Suddenly, it's “locked for editing” by another user. But there is no other user, the laptop is not networked, never has been etc etc. I've been using this laptop and this resident (not online) copy of Word for ten years at least and am a very frequent Word user. 

I can't continue with Kaspersky if it's going to be this much trouble. My laptop is too slow and programs aren't working properly. I'm afraid this may be some sequel to the OneNote issue.

You have been so helpful, I thought I could just ask you.

Thanks and good wishes,


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Hello @lalalalalalala

Before installing KTS was a check whether any applications installed on the computer are incompatible with KTS done? 

Please let us know?  

Thank you:pray_tone3:



No there were no instructions like that (and I had a hard time installing KTS because it would just stop dead halfway … it turned out that it was my old copy of K'y that was the problem. I've never encountered software that could not deal with an earlier version of itself, nor even give a message that the earlier version should be manually erased. I suspect you have the ear of the developers -- maybe you would mention this?)  

So, you are saying KTS probably doesn't like my Word and OneNote? If I have to choose, I might have to delete the Kaspersky in that case. I want to continue with the Word I have. (Taking a second laptop off-line is an option. I already have one hassle-free laptop with no security that just never goes online. It's bliss!)

Thanks again for your help. This high-tech world is so frustrating! I've been using a computer for about 40 years and things just keep getting less coherent and more demanding.

I'm becoming a grumpy old person!

Meanwhile, I am wondering whether the OneNote problem is going to be the same problem as the KTS problem. Maybe I need to remove the old program. Thanks for your ear. It has made me think a little instead of fuming ;-)

with thanks,



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Hello @lalalalalalala

Thank you for posting back:ok_hand_tone3: 

We understand the frustration & fuming, that’s normal when things are not working as expected. 

No, we’re not saying KTS doesn’t like (your) Word and OneNote. 

  1. Please do the possible software incompatible with KTS check now & let us know the result? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:



I did find some old bits and pieces of McAfee which I used the 2nd tool to remove. I thought I had long ago removed the cumbersome Kaspersky. Very strange. I also see the files used to install the program still on my laptop which no search (nor Kaspersky) flagged.

My laptop is working better now but my phone is definitely slow. … perhaps the same problem? I'll bet.

If I'd known how disconcerting and time-consuming this was going to be, I would not have installed Kaspersky TS. I hope it's done now.

Thanks so much for your help. I hope Kaspersky is aware of the lumpy process this is.

Lalalalalalala (have to change that; it's reminding me of software grief and confusion!)

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Hello @lalalalalalala

Welcome back!

You’re most welcome:relaxed: !

We’re pleased to hear you’ve made progress, altho it sounds as if it’s been a painful process, but, well done, you got there in the end:clap_tone3:

If you’d like assistance with the phone, please provide:

  1. Phone name & OS version
  2. KIS version
  3. A detailed description of the issue? 

Thank you:pray_tone3: