Not allowed to renew Kaspersky Total Security

  • 10 November 2021
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Bought two sets of License (5-Devices, 2-Years) back in 2019. They’re due to expire in TWO day’s time. Despite being bombarded by daily emails and App pop-up reminders on all my devices, (mobiles, tablets and PCs), am still unable to renew.

Clicking the in-app [Renew Now] button takes me to the USA Renewal page with the warning ‘Activation is not to be done outside of USA/Canada’. I’m in Malaysia not the US.

Called Kaspersky Customer Support long-distance at their overseas support line in Singapore asking for help only to be told KTS is non-Renewable. I asked to be shown where it’s stated as such on the Kaspersky Product Web Pages or in my Invoice and the Rep says he can’t check because there’s a ‘System Problem’ (yeah, right). 

Kaspersky Management, if you’re reading this, please review the Recorded Call and then fire that staff of yours!!

With no resolution in sight and no follow-up from your Customer Service under my initial report, the Customer Service Team unilaterally cancelled my first request for help (INC000013385963) and said they’re going to work on my second request (INC000013379390). As stated above, I’m two days away from Expiry still with no news / resolution from them.

If what they say is correct and KTS is non-Renewable , then it’s pretty underhanded of Kaspersky to 1) not state it anywhere on the Product Pages, and, 2) bombard customers with incessant ‘Renew Now!’ messaages that cannot executed.

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