node.js localhost:3000 takes forever to open if kaspersky is on.

  • 23 September 2021
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hi i am a new kaspersky customer bought an yearly subscription for my windows 10 laptop. i am a developer i use node.js runtime to run my project locally on browser. when i run npm start command in terminal it takes almost 2 minutes for my project to run on localhost:3000 .

now this issue only started since i installed kaspersky total security. if i pause kaspersky then the localhost:3000 would open almost instantly within few seconds. i need to run node server multiple times in a day , so i had to pause kaspersky permanently. but it is making my situation of having a antivirus useless, because i can not pause kaspersky for just one minute in a day multiple times , it takes high effort. 

i was wondering if there is a solution so i can use both node server on my localhost:3000 port and also kaspersky simultaneously. that way i wont loose any security. thank you.


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Hi @amrish , 

Try to find out disabling of which protection component fixes the issue (restart browser as you check). 

Try this workaround: go to Settings → Threats and Exclusions → Specify trusted applications → Add → search for the browser you use to open your project → set it to ‘Do not scan all traffic’ → Only for specified IP addresses:


thank you this solved my issue. thank you very much . i very much appreciate this help. ❤😍

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Glad we could help!

Stay safe!