No blocking of total Internet access at User request - why no "Slider" / "Button" yet? [moved]

  • 18 July 2021
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The protection program Emsisoft Anty - Malware Home has such a "Slider". I think that the lack in Kaspersky program of blocking the complete access to the Internet on request of the User is a disadvantage / a big shortcoming / a big shortcoming?
I invite you to share your own thoughts and support my idea.
B. P.

2 replies

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NetWork Monitor:



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Good Morning,

In Emsisoft ... it only takes two clicks to find the "Slider".
Kaspersky - it takes 5 clicks to get there; in Emsisoft two clicks are enough. Of course I start from the Desktop.
In that window as in my picture that button should be there. Or additionally, rather. Alternatively. 



Although when I was using EMSI... I had to have Microsoft Resource Monitor - Network on and / or network traffic monitoring running in an open Notepad. I was then making the decision to turn it off completely. I will be using KTS from that window what you showed in the picture, so I guess it was well done to have the option to disable network traffic there. It was certainly well done that this is the location. I'll leave you to ponder whether it can be duplicated in an analogous location to what EMSI has....
I am only on my second day testing KTS. Old habits from EMSI are still alive.
Thank you for your letter.
B. P.