Need Activation Code - I paid for it - Don't know where it is

  • 9 August 2019
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I've logged in to my account - here: https://my.kaspersky.com/MyDevices#/

I see my devices.

I don't see my activation code.

The machine that requires the activation code only offers that I buy more licenses. I've already paid for this. I just need my activation code.

3 replies

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Hello @silver_mica,
For any activation code, licensing issues, it's necessary to contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support.
  • Unfortunately, here in the Community portal we cannot resolve.
https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c, choose your region/location, then select , & your choice of contact, phone, online chat (if it's available in your region), or as you're logged into your MyKaspersky account, create an incident request, use template "activation & liscense issues" https://my.kaspersky.com/techsupport#/requests/new
Also, when you are at this screen - https://my.kaspersky.com/MyLicenses - DETAILS, is the information you see"incorrect" or "missing"?
Best regards.

Licensing help docs:
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Okay, I see the license in the link https://my.kaspersky.com/MyLicenses (after clicking "details")

I also found the original activation code in an email and that worked.

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Hello @silver_mica,
I'm so glad you've found the activation code.
I'm not sure if "didn't find "DETAILS", means the information is missing or ?

https://my.kaspersky.com/MyLicenses, select ⚙Details

opens DETAILS, extended information:

Thanks and best regards.