Lulu promo code, Activation code, I have promo-code from lulu. [merged]

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I bought kaspersky  activation key from lulu store kuwait how to activate 

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@Sukumaran  Welcome. Please contact Lulu.

hi  i have Kaspersky promo -code from lulu  

 i need activation code   promo code 

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Hello @Farsana Yasmin,


Please contact Lulu.

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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Hi I have lulu kaspersky promo code how to activation


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@Afrossbasha Please see above suggestions in this Topic, unfortunately this community can’t help you.

I have lulu promo code how can activate

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@Josephrajan.K Welcome. Please see above.

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I have promo code purchase from lulu store

How to get activation code

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@Mohamed Ralihaj  Unfortunately this community can’t help you, please contact Lulu.


I have bought promo code  from lulu hypermarket, 

How to get activation code please?

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@BARAA Welcome. We can’t help you here , please contact Lulu 

Hi Dear,

I have a promo-code ,and I need to send me the activation code .

Appreciate a lot your co-operation.




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@neveen Welcome.

Please see the post above your post.

I have kaspersky promo-code from lulu
I need activation code
Promo-code -

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@Jaya Welcome. Please contact Lulu.