Lots of system symptoms, Eset false positive on Kaspersky bases.

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Ladies, Gentlemen.

Akwardly i have a combo of eset online scanner with the free version.
I had some trojan horses generics nesting in the labs base folder...

Running hitman and eset, some mallwarebytes and SFC.EXE it was all ok again to be short, i had much more damage than this.
repaired myself trough cmd .
I want to be tight and secure and running the eset over kapersky paid version again. still getting some deleted objects again, when installed back again the AVP of kaspersky.
it is still running now but i will send a photo of this.

can this be considered as false if it is back again a trojan generic horse ???


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Hi KETZK/Kenneth,
What virus?
I'll reverse the situation, "sometimes" Kaspersky software detects software incorrectly and reports falsely. When Kaspersky are advised, they fix the issue.
In this specific case, this is what Eset is doing.
There's nothing for Kaspersky to fix.
It would seem Eset "could" fix their reference db, however, that would involve them being willing to do so and being notified their information is erroneous.
Let's break this down:
  • Why might Eset not wish to fix their erroneous reference db?
Costs $

If potential Eset customers think Kaspersky distribute software laden with dangerous worm/virus/malware, potential customers may choose Eset software over Kaspersky software.

= more $ for Eset, a business in the same market as Kaspersky.
  • Do Eset know?
Only if impacted Eset consumers tell them, by direct contact; even posting on Eset forums will not complel Eset to fix this, bc, they, potentially may profit from the current situation.
  • Have you contacted Eset?
Please let us know?

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Wow, sir i dont want to upset you as i am feeling this in your post, i just wanted to show you guys another detection in the WINDOS $ BT section.
And i know how the world is going around, and im happy that you explained that for me , thank you .

As we already spoke about if the first 3(included the autostart) is not a real intrusion.
but with the problem this laptop had, and finding nothing else then this and a checkdisk to make sure i am not blowing this ballon bigger as it should be, (That the disk is dying may be a reason, but it isnt)

I actually just wanted to know if this is a legit place to be for that file mapping from the windows sections and further on .
But i will silence myself, and will not repeat this again for your comfort 🙂.

However thanks again for your attention.


You guys can close the topic if you want.
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Hi KETZK/Kenneth,
No, you haven't upset me and my advice was not to convey anything like that.
It was simply to restate, the detections are false, however, they are also fixable, if Eset makes the choice to do so.
Furthermore, I raised the discussion points as to why, any company may choose not to fix something, if they stood to benefit from not taking proactive steps.
Your post, the contributions and the discussion that's resulted is valuable.
The Laptop is a another & different device, that has not been discussed previously in the post.
It wasn't obvious (to me) you "wanted to know if this is a legit place to be for that file mapping from the windows sections and further on?".
We're more than happy to provide analysis, support, discussion, we try very hard to do this, sometimes we need a little help, that's why you'll see, we frequently ask for technical data - direct from devices that are giving people difficulties.
Please run GSI & Windows logs, when complete please upload the .zip to cloud storage of your choice and pm me the link please?

Thanks and best regards.