Lots of system symptoms, Eset false positive on Kaspersky bases.

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Well, a intrusion took place, from my eyesight with a lot of symptoms, firefox crashing, screens shutting off...freezing...flickering....acces into registry addresses/keys, event log corruption, files denying to delete of changed security audio/display drivers corrupt etc..

To clear my case i was suprised with every side support i had from exploits to mallware protection, eset was the only one who saw more than the rest.
I had some last bits in the C/PROGRAM DATA /KAPERSKY LAB/AVP 19.0.0/BASEES/CACHE/KJIM... a variant of ''Generic.DBVVYIJ.Horse as NOD32ESET displays in front of me.
And after quarantine those files. i deleted them , and testing if it was my fault, maybe someting was coming in or so while downloading your client.
Now 9out10 i was since the first developments allways satisfied with the AVP .
And was thinking to buy finally the whole version after some digging and testing.
And on the other side when i was setting up the client again with license for 2 years.
I was curious about if eset detects anything on this client right now like with the last couple days what eset has told me about.
Also directly downloaded from your servers.
Again still 2 EDIT;3 potentials recognized, and i wanted to share that experience and wanted to highlight this if this was a very true or false fact,...
what eset is recognizing in your folders?

I am running up to date VER OF KASPERSKY

this are the screen images.

I have no attention notices from kaspersky whatsoever about what eset has to say.

Thank you very much gentlemen.

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Hello KETZK,
  1. Could you help us please, what exactly is the issue?
  2. Can you share screen images (that show the issue) with us please?
  3. What Kaspersky software do you have installed? Name/s, version/s, patch/s?
  4. Operating system, version, build?
  5. Does your Kaspersky REPORTS show any events that identify the issue? Can you export those events and upload the text file using the upload icon below please?
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Many thanks!