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  • 6 November 2019
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I updated my KTS 2019 to KTS 2020 and have found when I go into Backup & Restore to change existing backup settings I now get a section called “User Account” Run backup as:

It defaults as name of my C drive user name and asks for a password.

I do not have a password for this and never wanted one, there does not show any option to disable or enable password protection as shown in Kaspersky how to set up a backup.

If I delete the user name it doesn’t allow me to proceed to next step.

Is this a bug in upgrading to KTS2020 with existing backups, do I have to start again adding new backups and deleteing old backups?

11 replies

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Is the prompt asking for a Kaspersky application password, or a Windows user logon password?


If stymied, please contact Tech Support: [url=https://my.kaspersky.com/support/]https://my.kaspersky.com/support/[/url]

Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request: 

a. Description of the issue.
b. [url="http://support.kaspersky.com/492"]Screenshot, as needed.[/url]
c. [url="http://support.kaspersky.com/3632"]GSI[/url]

@richbuff  I don’t know which password it is prompting me for as I have never selected to have a password before with backup.

the only clue is that it defaults the name of my C drive so am guessing it could be my windows password?

I am reluctant to try it as didn’t want to password protect it as didn’t have it before, why isn’t there an option to disable password like when setting up a new backup?

Looks like I will have to contact support.

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Hello @Richchad,

With permission from  @richbuff:bow_tone3:

I have the same situation, I’ve never used a pwd for my KTS backups, this morning, upon encountering the issue, I tried my MyKaspersky(online account) pwd, my Windows pwd, my PC login pwd, I also tried “blank” pwd & password as password, none work, bc, I’ve never setup a pwd:rage: .

I (just) spent an hour with Support who categorically state “I have no idea what I’m talking about & at some stage I’ve set up a pwd”, otherwise, they claim, this issue would not exist. 

Furthermore, (they advise), there is no pwd reset facility for KTS BU “feature”, nor is there an option to create a new pwd, if the “non-existent” pwd cannot be “materialised”,  the KTS BU “feature” cannot be used. 

Support say, the way the tool works is: “there is one password, setup once, that password applies to every backup & backup storage. The password cannot be changed, reset, overridden, nor disabled.”

When “queried” Support claim: “It is by design & that’s why there’s a documented disclaimer”, the disclaimer being: "The password will extend to all backup copies in this storgage." & "Forgotten password cannot be recovered. Restoring files from "this" backup copy without a password is not possible."




If you get a “different” response from Support please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

KTS Backup and Restore documentation

KTS 20 Library


@FLOOD thanks for sharing that you have the same problem…

However after reading your post I thought I would try some passwords even though I didn’t want a password or even enabled password protection.

I found that it accepted my Windows 10 password with my username which came up as default when going through the process of changing settings for one of my existing backups.

I noticed that if I changed the schedule to “On Demand” it didn’t ask for a password?

I will raise the question with support and let you know what they say.

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Hello  @Richchad,

Thank you for the update.

Ok, so I have “another” W10 pwd, I’ll try that.

I did have “On Demand” set, unfortunately it did not help…. 

I cannot fathom why a “reset pwd” option is not available:thinking::zipper_mouth:

I’ll post back if the “recovery” pwd works….

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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:cry: Nope, “recovery” pwd does not work. 

It’s like going thru the looking glass, trying passwords when no password has ever been used.


Regarding exceeding pwd “attempts”, the documentation says, 10 tries, then the software locks for an hour… 

Ok @Richchad, please keep us updated when you can?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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Third update, hmmm, I changed the Backup Storage from External Drive to C Drive, the Backup Wizard ran instantly - NO password requested.:cartwheel_tone3:


Strange…. I just tried that and still asked for password unless I choose On Demand instead of a schedule….

I have to admit the whole Backup & Restore settings are really not great, i looked at manage storages and select C:/backup and get the message

“The specified folder is not a storage for files compatible with the application”

Try another storage or specify another path. By default, backup copies are stored in the backup folder on drive c.


This doesn’t make any sense and no matter what folder I then choose it gives same message.

It all seems so hit and miss, it was a while ago I set up all my backups that I have forgotten how I did it but do remember how clumsy the whole thing was...

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I totally agree  @Richchad, none of it makes sense. 

Here’s the successful BU: C drive, no pwd, on demand:


2nd test (again), external drive, BU GUI “demands” pwd:rage:


I’ve decided there’s other BU solutions available, as secure, if not more, function consistently, according to well defined rules, masochistic personality not a prerequisite:head_bandage: .

Another thing that’s a “fault”, Online Storage limited to one service, and that service “free” account, max storage =2Gb:peanuts::zipper_mouth:

Best regards. 

This is the reply I got from Support…

This option was added in 2020 in order for that backup process to work without any obstacle. You only need to add your password once in the configuration window (the screenshot you send) and the backup will not ask you for it again.

This option is not available if you choose the "on demand" option. This is normal. On demand means that with your current user, you will perform the backup yourself. It is not necessary to verify your self.
When you schedule a backup on a specific time, you need to add your Windows Username and Password. This will make sure that backup will work (will have access to the specific user files) even if you are using other user at the time of the backup.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions. We will be happy to assist you.

However as I have set up all my backups in seperate folders i have to enter the password for each folder and it does actually ask for password again but it is already filled in so no need to enter it but the boxes to fill in are still there each time.

I seem to remember looking for another backup programme before I opted for this and found it difficult to find one I liked, maybe time to look again.

My other backup I use is Microsoft Synctoy which is quite a simple backup programme.

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Hello  @Richchad,

Thank you for posting back!

After reading the response you received & the response I received, I’m left thinking KLab has no idea…

This is the advice I was given: quote: “this password setup has existed since Kaspersky Total Security v 2015”… unquote

  • Whatever the criteria are, it’s not documented clearly. Time for a review!

Best regards. 

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