KTS 2021 Schedule Full Scan, option for every 15 days?

  • 5 September 2021
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I am using KTS 2021 and there is option for weekly full scan and monthly full scan, why Kaspersky is not giving an option for full scan once in 15 days. Now I scheduled the scan as follows,

Quick scan - Daily

Full scan - weekly

I am not installing anything new for long time, only win10 updates is installing but the KTS taking 10 hours to complete full scan which is affecting my workspeed too.


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2 replies

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@Jinu Mohanan Welcome.

The 15 days full scan schedule option is indeed not available , however systemic scans are not really necessary because Kaspersky is scanning your system continuously in real-time.
Personally i  only proceed with a full scan once in while e.g. after having obtained a Patch or a  new build .

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@Jinu Mohanan:

Scan - > Full Scan settings - > Full Scan schedule: