KTS 2021 Critical Error verifying application databases and application modules when i update first thing then seems alright the rest of the day?

  • 15 September 2020
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when updating i notice error message which is listed as critical error ;https://s05.upd.kaspersky.com/updates/pas5/data.check.keb;Error verifying application databases and modules;https://s05.upd.kaspersky.com/updates/pas5/data.check.keb;https://s05.upd.kaspersky.com/updates/pas5/data.check.keb;Web page;Active user;Today, 15/09/2020 11:18;0.00 KB;Today, 15/09/2020 11:25

3 replies

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Hi @Puzzled , 

Please collect traces via this scenario: 

  • enable traces
  • restart PC
  • try to update databases to reproduce the error
  • disable traces

Collect a GSI report.

Submit a ticket to technical support, include the collected data, and let me know the incident number in support. 



Hi Igor here is the ticket number i have just received INC000011900367, as usual when you want something to go wrong it never does i did not get the error today, thank you for your help with this issue.

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Hi @Puzzled, thanks for the ticket number. We definitely will need the traces with reproduction of the issue. Can you try to get the error on traces and then attach to the incident? Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

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