Kaspersky total security wont uninstall

  • 7 July 2021
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I am trying to remove Kaspersky total security as it has started freezing on launch and not working at all. When I try to remove it following the support guide I get no option to uninstall, instead it starts trying to install itself AGAIN and freezes until I force close it with task manager. How can I rid myself of this?!?!


Incase it's relevant this was the free trial that showed 11 day's remaining and that I was intending to pay to continue UNTIL IT DECIDED TO SWITCH ITSELF OFF TODAY FOR NO APPARENT REASON. Regardless I just want this thing gone now as my patience is well and truly gone!

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1 reply

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@Nihility Welcome.

  1. Please take care to create a restore point and backup your personal files !
  2. Next step , close all applications and download/run the KavRemover tool + reboot when done.