Kaspersky Total Security is blocking Oculus Rift S

  • 17 February 2021
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KTS is blocking my Oculus Rift S from working, I’m not able to diagnoise issue.

The Oculus app itself launches fine without issue and shows the Rift connected and “working”.

I have the Oculus app set to be Trusted in the managed applications.  All the sub components within this are set to trusted.

When I put on the headset I can hear the audio but it just sits at the three dots and I never get to my virtual desktop (steam or oculus).

I know it is KTS causing the issue as I only started having the problem when I moved to KTS from windows defender.

If I disable KTS and then re-plug in my Rift it works without issue.

If I just re-plug my Rift after start-up it continues to not work without issue.

I’ve had a good old poke around to look for any complaints about Kaspersky blocking anything and can’t see anything..

I can see this message, this suggests that “somehow” the audio stream to the headset is being allowed but somehow the video stream is not (guessing)..

Yesterday, 17/02/2021 23:59:09;

Application is allowed to receive audio stream;

Oculus Platform Runtime Application;oculus-platform-runtime.exe;

C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-platform-runtime;17556;DESKTOP-8D9ET23\44744;Active user;Access to audio capturing devices;Allowed;Allowed;;;;;;;;Rights

Any ideas?

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