kaspersky total security icon dissapeared fron desktop

  • 16 February 2021
  • 4 replies

Hi. I am not able to use Kaspersky Total Security because the icon disappeared from my desktop. Worst of all is that I have just renewed my licence… please help.

4 replies

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Welcome. Please restart the computer. Please check to see if it is in hidden icons. Any better after that? 

No luck. This has been for over a month now, that the icon has disappeared. And I have also download the Kaspersky, but after restart, still no icon, anywhere. And I am not able to use the antivirus. The sad thing is that I renewed the antivirus today through online payment


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Please contact Tech Support, link is located near top of this web page.


Also, does Kaspersky appear in you list of applications in Windows control panel?


Does Kaspersky appear in Windows start menu?


Is the icon in the taskbar or the system tray/notification area below the desktop? 

The icon doesn’t appear anywhere on my laptop. Not start menu,or taskbar, even on control panel.


I will contact tech support. Thank you very much