Kaspersky Total Security does not see my 2 USB drives

Kaspersky Total Security does not see my 2 USB drives. Have tow drives one is permanent backup, second one is additional storage.

Full scan includes C : D : and E : and therefore takes days I've never finished it.

Ran a full scan today on c : by removing the D : and E : USB drives.

Cannot scan the D : and E : USB drives indivually - Kaspersky Total Security says "No external drives connected to the computer are detected". Feeling a bit disheartened having recently upgraded from the pure anti virus version. Am using Win 10 Pro 64 bit 1904 version.


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Looks like this program is inserting icons for d : and e : USB drives!
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Hi Decimus Burton, welcome to the new forum.

Which scan would you like to run? External Device Scan? USB hard drives are not listed here.
With my KSOS7 I can select the USB disks in the Selective Scan under 'Add->Desktop->Computer'.
Try if that works with your KTS too.

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