Kaspersky total security blocks pokerstarinstaller.exe

  • 10 October 2019
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Hey, the title says it all. Kaspersky TS does not let me install "pokerstarinstaller.exe" (the software made to play poker you know). It is a legitimate software from a trusted source but the trusted application function does not let me installe it, even if a virus scan says it is clean. How to unblock it and why does kaspersky blocks it in the first place ??? Thanx.

1 reply

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Hello @Avataar,
A program can be blocked because of a possible malicious script within the application.
If you trust the program, change the Installer (Blocked) status.

Sometimes, software is incorrectly detected by Kaspersky, (known as a false positive). at those times Kaspersky may change the classification, & or, advise why the software is "unsafe".
I've asked Kaspersky Lab to analyse PokerStarsInstallPM.exe to provide a definitive answer.
I'll let you know when their advice is received.
Thank you🙏🏽