Kaspersky showing pop-ups adverts instead of blocking them

  • 14 February 2020
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Last month I start to receive pop-ups with adverts from Kaspersky (images).

Instead of blocking the pop-ups and adverts, the company are giving me their own.

By clicking on the adverts, opens a website from Kaspersky Clubeben (images).

I opened a case at Kaspersky Tech Support, the number is INC000011275270, but still haven’t an answer.

The version and patch is: Kaspersky Total Secuity

How can I stop these annoying adverts?

7 replies

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Hi, You have posted this issue already, and your screenshot images are not in English. Did you disable the appropriate items in Kaspersky > Settings > Notifications? 

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Hello @vodrummond,

Thank you for posting the images for this ongoing issue:clap_tone3:

Has Kaspersky Technical Support responded yet?

  • Please let me know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:



@Igor Kurzin, please note the recurringKaspersky  pop-ups / adverts on Kaspersky Subscription  products” issue. 

Despite implementing all of Kaspersky’s recommended procedures, Kaspersky Subscribers cannot get rid of Kaspersky’s own unwelcome adware. 

 Thank you:pray_tone3:



Thanks for answering.

The Kaspersky Technical Support even responded, but just to say that they are analyzing the problem.

And they also said the same thing that @richbuff said abou the “notifications settings”, but since the last time that I had this problem (2 month ago), my settings already are disabled for notifications like that.

If I receive other feedback from them, I’ll post here.


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Hello @vodrummond,

Thank you for the update:clap_tone3:

You’re not the only Kaspersky subscribing Customer who’s been impacted by Kaspersky’s unwelcome spam advertising that cannot be resolved using Kaspersky’s recommended procedures, so do keep us updated with the resolution the technical team provide when it’s available please? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:




They responded today. Look what they said:

Hello ,

Good Morning!

I checked what the advertisement was about, as we didn't have the information about it, I checked with the Russian team.

The banner is a Beta project by Kaspersky for an advantage club that customers have gained with discounts from various companies in the technology industry, such as discounts on notebooks, desktops, cell phones, computer hardware and etc ...

If you are interested, the access link is in my subscription.

And about the settings, these are the same, as the benefits club is something globalized, it is being disseminated to customers, so these advertisements will be normal for at least 2 weeks, they will be removed automatically.

Any questions, please reply to this email or if you prefer, contact us through our telephone support: (11) 3958-3843 or even through our Chat https://support.kaspersky.com.br/b2c# region1
We operate from Mon to Fri from 9am to 9pm.

Also access the Kaspersky Benefits Club: https://kaspersky.clubeben.com.br/

Registration is free and you can enjoy various discounts.

Are you having problems with the steps we provide you with? We want to help you! Please contact us immediately using one of our support options available from Monday to Friday: https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c and please provide the protocol so that we can help you better.

So… They just told me the obvious… That it was an advertise (“you don’t say”?!?!), and don’t give me any kind of solution.

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Hello @vodrummond,

You’ve said it all!

(If it was me) it would not be the last conversation I had with them about them arrogantly dumping their beta spam advertising on their Kaspersky Subscribers:bangbang:

Let me know the outcome please? I have feeling there’s going to be one:thinking:

Thank you:pray_tone3:



here’s my answer to them:

Let me see if I understood (and that understanding will have a direct effect on my decision to renew my subscription with Kaspersky):

A company that offers a program that promises, among other features, to stop third-party SPAM, but when it comes to Kaspersky's own SPAM, "everything is fine"…? You deliberately shove the advertise down on your customers' throats, without them having requested it, even when the program settings said to not receive it? Is that right?

In my humble opinion, I see no difference between a "beta project" from Kaspersky that offers "benefits and discounts" and a "beta project" from a porn site that offers "benefits and discounts".

If I chose Kaspersky amongst various other antivirus companies, it is because I don’t want to receive SPAM / banner / advertising from any company, INCLUDING Kaspersky itself.

Maybe they will ignore me and don’t answer the e-mail, but at least I tried...:joy:

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