Kaspersky Safe Money doesn't work with Western Union money transfer site

  • 25 February 2021
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Trying to send money through Western Union but I cannot get past login. https://www.westernunion.com/au/en/web/user/login

I can access it in a private browser but not using Safe Money which should be the only place I can make transactions and Western Union is predominantly a money transfer site.


Currently running on Windows 7 Home Premium, Firefox 86.0 (64bit).

Any suggestions? I tried adding the site to exclusions but this didn’t work.

Thanks in advance.

2 replies

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Hello @gdecapia


  1. Which KTS version & patch(x) is installed → on the Windows Taskbar or hidden icons, rightclick the Kaspersky icon, select About 
  2. What actually happens when “ I cannot get past login”, post a full screen image of the problem? 
  3. Does the same “ I cannot get past login” issue happen in every Supported browser: Chrome & Edge Chromium or only Firefox? 
  4. Is Private browsing → Allow data collection on Western Union Allowed → image 1 (1) below? 
  5. Is Anti-Banner → Banners on Western Union Allowed image 1 (2) below? 
  6. Add an Allow exclusion to Network, Encrypted connection scan - image 3 (1) to (5) below?
  • :warning: Exit all browsers, do each step above one at a time, exit the browser after each change & also reboot the computer using Shutdown, not Restart:warning:




Let us know the outcome please? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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Thanks so much for this list to check.  I’ll work through it over the next couple of days and get back to you.
Great help :smile: