Kaspersky Rewards shows on UK renewal website. Real, or fake? [Solved][Closed]

  • 24 November 2019
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Hello community,

I noticed when my father recently clicked on the renew button in Kaspersky Total Security 2019, it led him to the renewal center, and the upper part of the website is suspicious, as being told by @FLOOD this is a spam, and it is fake. But to my father it has appeared on the “official” kaspersky renewing page as seen on the photo.

After I clicked on that message photo:

When clicking on it again today, I have the full link saved, but I do not know am I allowed to paste it here, because of security reasons. I can also mention that I received emails regarding these rewards as well, but I unsubscribed from it as Flood said:wink:



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Hello  @brendox,

Welcome back!

“Spam” did I say that? 

My total recollection of the Kaspersky Rewards conversation:

You’d received an unsolicited “Rewards” email:


Flood, I just received an email about some Kaspersky Rewards programme, is this real? Here is how the email looks like: 


I asked: “Were you ever a member of KLR pgm? The pgm was discontinued, ages ago. I checked the email source data, advised you the email was legit, advised you to: select “unsubscribe”, then if the emails continued, follow up with the Lab, “if you wished”.

At that time you advised: 

“Actually I prefer not clicking anything, if another email like this comes then I will see.” 

And then, the other day:  

(Brendox) Omg, that spam Kaspersky Rewards email came again, although i unsubbed from it... I think it is the exact same one. I have copied the content after clicking Show original, and pasted to Notepad “link deleted”, plus printed just the email with content “link deleted”,  if I remember well how to do this?

(Flood) re the Kaspersky Rewards email, you didn't unsubscribe. 

:o: I was referring to the old/original Rewards programme, that has been discontinued and is totally different to Kaspersky “Promotions”:o:  

Kaspersky - UK, started a “Rewards” promotion, (August 2019, I think).

The Kaspersky UK Rewards Promotion is legitimate, just like the email you received. 

Thank you. 

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Oh I see. Then I completely misunderstood you, I guess I read in your PM that you said it is not legit, my bad really. That is why I reported to you again.🙄 My bad entirely, I do not know how I missed it, sorry.

Then again, it really seems like it is not legit, looks very sketchy to me, with that url. But I am glad it is real.

Thank you very much @FLOOD as always, you are the saver, if it weren't you here I do not know what would I do😉

Huge respect.

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Hello Brendox,

I’ll send you new :eyeglasses::grin: .

Thank you for the lovely comments:blush: , however, (re: “if it wasn’t for me”), there’s a whole Community:bow_tone3: here that’ll always & do help.

Best regards.

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I can laso confirm that this is the link it leads to from my email: https://kasperskyrewards.co.uk/Welcome-to-Kaspersky-Rewards

It looks similiar to the message on the Kaspersky renewal website