Kaspersky puts https on a website that only opens with http

  • 1 August 2021
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the website educacionplastica.net does not work because Kaspersky adds https to the address. the site only accepts http. even if you leave unchecked 'verify encrypted connections' in the network settings, Kaspersky continues to add https. what can i do to be able to allow the site to open with http?

2 replies

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Hello @gilda menezes, Welcome.

I am not aware of any feature in Kaspersky software that could cause the problem you describe. My computer with KTS retrieves http pages without any problems.

However, in my browser I have set to use only https.
Can this also be the case for you? Which browser do you use?

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Hello @gilda menezes

Also, in addition to Moderator @Schulte, we use Total security, educacionplastica.net is working well for us, in: Chrome, Edge Chromium & Firefox:



Website does not supply ownership information.


Thank you:pray_tone3:

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