kaspersky protection extension for chrome dosen’t become green with a tick it’s grey

  • 3 December 2019
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can somebody help me in this I added the kasepersky extension in chrome but it dosen’t become green with a tick it’s grey and when I click on it it shows me the logo and a dash then X then again  a dash then kasepersky software it dosen’t work so what I need to do to let it work.

1 reply

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Hello  @AAi_980,


Please tell us:

  1. Operating system name & version ?
  2. KTS version & build ?
  3. Chrome version ?
  4. Kaspersky Protection extension version ? 
  5. Does your system meet the software compatibility requirements
  6. Have you exited the browser & rebooted the system since installing the extension?

Please let us know?

Thank you.