Kaspersky Firewall is allowing all connections. How do I make the Firewall prompt me for every connection for manual approval/rejection, with ability to Save always


First time user of Kaspersky AV/Firewall.. Trialing the Total Security on Windows 10.

While I appreciate the AV , the firewall is driving me crazy and need your assistance.

After the install, Kasperseky Firewall added all the apps(including Windows processes/apps) into Trusted zone and allowed every connection. Thats not what I wanted. I want to be prompted for every connection(including Windows system apps) and manually allow/deny and create permanent rules appropriately.

So I go into the Application Network rules and set the Network permission to ‘Ask User’ for all the apps. But inspite of that, it just allows ALL connections without prompting me.

When I go to the Firewall report, I see that all connections are Allowed, with Rule=KLPublic. Not sure where this rule is coming from.

How do I

  1. Make the Firewall prompt me for every connection for manual approval/rejection, with ability to Save always
  2. Review the network connections from Report/Log and approve/reject and create network rules...like how Comodo allows you to.

Also under Packet rules, the only Public Network rule I see is “Remote Desktop (Public Network)” . Dont see “Any Network Activity (Public Network)”. Have attached a screenshot of the Packet rules it created on installation..Does this look right?

Also, seems like Kaspersky Firewall is convoluted..and not straightforward like COmodo..whats your experience running Kaspersky AV with Comodo Firewall(only)?


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Hello @avkts100, Welcome.

To have full control, you also need to disable the 'Perform recommended actions automatically' option.

Pay attention to the Windows services: if some are blocked, network connection may not work!



Thanks, I did that and it now prompts me for Connection approval…,but it seems to do it initially. Now it starts adding the apps into Trusted group automatically and doesnt prompt anymore.


Even when I removed Firefox from Trusted app..,it just added back!    Seems Kaspersky wants to be in full control and not disturb you, for anything..


Also noticed Kaspersky Total security is making a ton of connections to google!   So much for privacy!?  Seems to be making about a dozen connections every minute to various sites(amazon,akamai,google etc) - wasn wondering if this is normal ?


Was curious about people’s experience with running a third party firewall (like Comodo) with Kaspersky.