Kaspersky detects items inside Adwcleaner quarantine.

  • 17 September 2019
  • 6 replies

Is this real or a funny alert from Kapersky due to updates?

6 replies

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Hi, Welcome

Can you please post screenshot?

We need more info about your problem... and also which version of windows, kaspersky etc..

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Yes Kaspersky detecting your files which Adwcleaner marked as virus (are in quaranttine) Kaspersky marked these files as suspicious legitime - not a virus probably but there is a risk...
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Agree, Kaspersky is detecting the files already taken to AdwCleaner quarantine...
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Hello @TomFiii,
Additional to @nexon & @harlan4096
What version of Adware Cleaner is installed and where was it installed from please?
I've just run Adware Cleaner 7.4.1, Kaspersky is not quarantining any ADC files.
Please export the KTS Report & upload using the upload icon in your reply please?
Also, I notice you're still on, are you going to update to 2020?
Please post back?
Thank you.
I went to files and deleted logs as I don't use anymore