kaspersky deleting files i trust

  • 19 February 2020
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so am installing a program and the program installs a second program what Kaspersky doesn't like 


so it deletes it before I can ever get into making it trusted I can't restore it because Kaspersky just refuses to even try.


how do I stop it deleting the file turning protection off don't even work?

I have enjoyed Kaspersky but this is stupid it removes it and then refuses to restore it and gives me no option before removing the file as malware and trojan.


I've scanned the exe says it's safe, I've trusted it is file and application the second file it draws from the web this I can't even get chance to make safe and is removed straightway rendering the 10 min install useless.



3 replies

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@pixels,  enable the interactive protection mode - https://support.kaspersky.com/14308#block2

@andrew75 that's on already I've had no issues with anything but it won't let the file stay.


what would be really good if it was a trojan but I've used this application for 5 years and I know it's not.


the application is installed its the op centre that runs dos commands that it won't allow the only issue is that it's only available as part of the installer, not its own download.


can you turn Kaspersky off fully for a number of minutes while ill install and then link the op centre to the safe list? 

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Hello @pixels 

Was your problem solved?