Kaspersky Blocking Some Features On Windows 10

  • 11 January 2021
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Hello Guys,


I just bought a laptop which using windows 10 operating system.

I bought Kaspersky Total Security.


Then after installation, several problems appear:

  1. I cannot download files after finish downloading it just stuck like kaspersky wont let files be downloaded to computer.
  2. The Internet connection yes, it shows the network has been disconnect, but I can still using the browser (means the connection is fine)
  3. I cannot using search features on windows 10 it just stuck like there’s no connection (but I can surf the internet)
  4. Lastly MAIL apps, it wont show pictures on mail (if there’s any) and not syncing every email I’ve received .

If anyone know what should I turn off from the settings menu to solved this problem, please help me. At least if I can turn this TOTAL SECURITY (from checking boxes on settings) just work as INTERNET SECURITY is enough for me.


Thank you 


Warm regards,


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