Kaspersky affecting Bluetooth? Bluetooth will just disappear from my computer.

  • 23 February 2021
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Since I bought my Dell laptop last fall, I’ve had occasional issues with Bluetooth.  What happens is Bluetooth will just disappear from my computer.  If I go to the Control Panel to turn it back on, the toggle to turn Bluetooth on/off is no longer there.  If I go to to Services, Bluetooth is no longer even listed.


Dell couldn’t fix the problem, so sometime last fall they sent a repair technician who replaced the wireless card, and that worked for several months.  Then about a week ago, the exact problem happened again.  I called Dell, and working with the advisor over the phone, we downloaded a bunch of drivers, and that helped; the on/off button returned, Bluetooth was listed under services, everything was back to normal.


But then a week later, it happened again; the on/off button disappeared, no Bluetooth services.  This time Dell couldn’t help; they are sending another technician to replace the wifi card (again).


I’m writing this on the Kaspersky forum because the same day that I worked with Dell and was unable to fix the problem, and arranged for a technician to come, I was in front of my computer working when a notification came up in the bottom right of my screen, saying that Kaspersky was installing something.  The notification was only there for a moment.  But within seconds of that notification, my bluetooth devices all suddenly connected to my laptop’s Bluetooth.  I checked, and the on/off button was back, and Bluetooth is again listed in Services, and it has been functioning normally for the week since then.


So that made me think that Kaspersky somehow interfered with my Bluetooth, and then a later download fixed the issue.  Does that make sense?  Has anyone else had a similar issue?

1 reply

Hi, something similar happened to me yesterday. Never had a problem with bluetooth. But suddenly, yesterday I saw a notification of Kaspersky Internet Suite suggesting to accept new terms o service after upgrading, and Bluetooth icondisappeared.