Just Purchased/Upgraded from Free to Total Secuurity - Can't Install

  • 27 June 2019
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It is telling me I already have something on my computer and that I need to cancell the install. Sure, I have the free version. I am about to cancel my purchase, as it seems impossible, and I didn't expect to be presented with a problem and no assistance. If someone can help without it taking the next several hours of my time, then I won't cancel. Very disappointing service/experience. 😞

5 replies

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Hi kathbowden, welcome to the new forum.

Before you install KTS, Kaspersky Free must be uninstalled. Please follow these instructions: https://support.kaspersky.com/12966

Then restart your computer and install KTS.
Now it won't remove the Kaspersky Free, I'm getting an error of 1306. And that another application has exclusive access to a particularly long file, and to shut down whatever application. I don't have the Kaspersky app up. Only my browsers. So it won't let me remove the Free app.
Oh, it says shut down all other apps. Okay, will do that next and restart my computer for whatever it's worth.
Okay, all apps down, shut down my computer and restarted and I am getting the same error on uninstalling my free program.
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Hi kathbowden,

the experience of the last years has shown that with error 1306 the KavRemover is the best choice.
Since the application can cause problems in rare cases, you should make a backup of your system first.