Is there a Kaspersky Uninstall Tool? Kaspersky Upgrade Launcher is running in Startup after uninstall.

  • 31 March 2021
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I uninstalled Kaspersky Total Protection trial and rebooted.

I uninstalled Kaspersky VPN and rebooted. (it came with the Total Protection trial and I never used it)

I uninstalled Kaspersky Password Protection and rebooted. (also came with the Total Protection trial and I never used it).  For each of the above I opted to NOT save any setup data, personal data, or the trial code license.  Hoping to clear all data from my system.

Suddenly my computer is very slow.  I waited for Windows to update.  Defender to update.  Defender to run a scan.  And then I noticed KASPERSKY UPGRADE LAUNCHER running in the startup.  There should be no Kaspersky software on my computer at this point……..

So, if theres a tool to COMPLETELY remove all Kaspersky software, I’d appreciate it. 


If you need more - I’m running

Windows 10 

Version 20H2

Build 19042.906


No other antivirus or antimalware besides Microsoft Defender.  It ran fine before Kaspersky, and fine with Kaspersky.  But suspiciously slow after Kaspersky removal.  I thought I’d try the free trial of Kaspersky Total Protection because I had heard good things - and I rather liked it.  But it doesn’t fit the budget at this time. 


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