Impossible to buy KTS. Only paiment with Paypal accepted… 

Impossible to buy it. Only paiment with Paypal accepted… 

Big problem! I have Paypal, but impossible to recieve a new passqword for Paypal...from Paypal… They ask me stupid questions : “What’i the name of your oldest child ?

Really, have no child !!!! What must I answwer ??? They don’t accept all my answers… AND impossible to find an adresse to ask my question ??????

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  • I pay everything with Paypal, I’m never asked any questions other than to confirm my delivery address. 
  • If PayPal is requesting a new password for the Paypal account, you need to contact Paypal Support. 
  • Let us know your location (Country, not personal address:slight_smile: )? We’ll help find the contact information for you.

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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@PETITJEAN Welcome. Please go to the Kaspersky Online Store where other payment options are available or contact PayPal Support.