i have two active subscriptions on one device is that okay

  • 3 October 2019
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Hi. I had a problem with renewing my kaspersky sub due to my card expiring. Customer support recommended buying a brand new subscription with my new card. I asked should I wait till my current sub ended (I still have 22 days left) and she said no to do it now because the new subscription won’t activate until the current one ends. So I did as she advised but the new subscription did indeed activate. So I rang again and they offered to add on the 22 days to my new subscription to make up for the days I would have lost so problem sorted. However now I have two active subscriptions. Is that okay or could that compromise or cause issues for my virus protection? Should I just cancel my current one early? I don’t want to have to ring customers support again to ask.

1 reply

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Welcome. All is good. In 22 days, one will end and the other will be all good.