i have attacked by new virus ransomware ( .nesa ) !!!

  • 29 September 2019
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Hi everyone
Plzzz i need a serious help for my laptop has been infected with new extension virus ( .nesa ) and it has encrypted all my laptop files and much worst my backup external hard disk ( 1 TB HDD ) !!!
* I figured out solution for my laptop by ... Installing new operating system Win 7 ultimate x64 and already buy the Kaspersky antivirus Total Secure and everything is working very well so far for future protection from NOW ON !!!
* I am NOW scanning my backup external hard disk ( 1 TB HDD ) by my Kaspersky antivirus total secure and i will see the results and see what will happen BUT , this is the best solution so far to do action for my backup external hard disk ( 1 TB HDD ) .
* Plzzz help me for very very important and Thank you in advanced .

1 reply

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Welcome. Please see: https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-anti-virus-12/problem-with-ransomware-731#post2966

Please send a couple of sample files to technical support team via https://my.kaspersky.com, we will see if these can be decrypted.