I have 3 Internet Security Licences for PC, is it for Android included, thus free.

  • 6 December 2019
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I have 3 Internet Security Licences for PC, is it for Android included, thus free.

I mean, in my 3 Total Security Licences, there is always mentioned “Internet Security for Android”.

So can i anyhow use the full Security Version for Android ?

Plus i have 3 Password Licences, can i use one for Android ?

3 replies

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Hello  @frankfurtman,


A Kaspersky Total Security Premium “license”, installs Kaspersky Internet Security *software”, when installed on/in an Android operating system.

So for example, my KTS 3 device Premium license, is installed on 2 PCs, and offers ALL components of KTS software, on my Android, using the same KTS Premium license, Kaspersky Internet Security software is installed with Kaspersky Internet Security (for Android) functionality… 

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android library

Regarding KPM License, yes, KPM Premium License can be installed on/in Android opsys, however, your KTS Premium License, also includes one KPM Premium License for however many devices you’ve purchased the license for, in your case, the device license is 3, that equals: one (the same) Premium KPM license, installed on 3 devices. 

One KPM license, means the same KPM vaults on 3 devices, not 3 different KPM vaults.

KPM for Android Library

(imo)  KTS/KIS, “Premium/Free”, “license”, “software installed” can be confusing. 

Please post back if you have further questions?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Let me ask another way: I have one Licence/Activation for 3 Devices/PC´s and using it already for 3 different Computers.

Can i use it also for the Smartphone, or do i have to buy a Separate Licence for the Smartphone (because it is the 4th Device) ?

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@frankfurtman With a license for  3 devices you can’t activate Kaspersky on 4 devices.