I can't delete Kaspersky Security Cloud

  • 16 June 2021
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About a week ago I had a window pop up in the lower right-hand portion of my screen titled “Kaspersky Security Cloud”. It went on to say, “Databases and application modules of Kaspersky Security Cloud have been updated. An application restart is require. Restart now?”

Below that it says “Remember my choice for this application” with a check box to the left. And below that the choices of “Yes” or “No”.

If I click No the box goes away for a short period and reappears. If I click on Yes the box goes away for a short period and reappears.

I decided to uninstall it. So I go to the Control Panel Kaspersky does not show up.

If I go to to the Programs File (386X) the Kapersky Labs folder is there. If I try to delete it I get a message that it can’t do that because a folder or file is open in another program. If I open the Kapersky Labs folder there is another folder, Kaspersky Security Cloud. If I try to delete it I get the same error message. If I open that folder and there is a long list of folders and files. Trying to delete them leads to error messages asking for administrator permission. Even with that it will not delete. Trying to delete them individually leads to many being unable to be deleted because they are open in Kaspersky antivirus service.

So, how do I get this program off my computer?


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@curious Welcome.

Please take care to backup your personal files, then create a restore point and run the KavRemover tool + reboot.

Also , please exit Kaspersky before proceeding.

Thanks Berny for your answer. I was able to eleminate Kaspersky from my computer by using your directions.