I bought a new two-year license, I logged into My Kaspersky, it had been activated 68 days early.

  • 29 June 2019
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Hey, everybody, this is my story of the day.
I have been a Kaspersky customer for several years and today an unwelcome event has happened. I bought a two-year license for Kaspersky Total Security and took advantage of a discount to be used once the current license expired. I wanted to redownload Kaspersky for my smartphone by using the license already in use, which is also active on the smartphone in the Password menager app.
I log into my Kaspersky account and the unpleasant thing happens. The new two-year license had been activated! I haven't had a choice, no options. Login -> new license activated. In my opinion, this isn't quite right. I trust in Kaspersky's understanding and support. I would hate to waste 68 days of my license this way.

2 replies

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Hi DEVIL_KRATOS93, welcome to the new forum.

Your problem is of course very annoying, it has already happened to me. Unfortunately we can't help with license issues here in the forum.

Please contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/
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I guess things have not changed much.
I had a similar experience about a year ago. Bought a new license while the current license was still active. I registered the new license in the KIS application trusting that "You can enter a new activation code. The application will initiate automatic activation with this activation code after the current license expires".
About 2 months later I log into My Kaspersky and realized that the new license had been activated all along and since my current license was still valid I was using 2 licenses at the same time on the same hardware!
After contacting Kaspersky support, I was offered a new license. A few weeks later I realized that this new license had also been already activated by Kaspersky!
I gave up and salvaged whatever time was left on the new license after the original license expired.

My lesson learned is that I will keep all new licenses in a vault until needed.😎