How to get rid of kaspersky window on startup, saying "Find sensitive documents and keep them safe".

  • 29 August 2019
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Every time I turn on my computer a Kaspersky window pops up saying "Find sensitive documents and keep them safe". I do not have sensitive documents and would like it to stop doing this. But how?

3 replies

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Welcome. Please uncheck relevant checkboxes in Kaspersky > Settings > notifications.

Any better after that?

If not, Please pass your mouse cursor over the Kaspersky tray icon and tell us the full, complete name and version number of your Kaspersky product.
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Every time I turn on computer, Kaspersky (KPM) notification popup,:"Find sensitive docs & keep them safe". I don't have sensitive documents,. I'd like it to stop doing this. But how?

Hello @Raena,
Additional to @richbuff's post.
Thank you for posting this important issue.
Is the popup like this:

or similar? If it is, here's the history:

Popup is, to quote Kaspersky Technical Support: "a new feature of KPM. It appears once a month if the (KPM) Documents folder is empty. An “off” function unfortunately is not available."

  • The fact there is no OFF switch, as in "I have no docs I wish to store in the vault - switch popup OFF", is escalated, with Kaspersky experts. Has been for 6 months. The Experts have not provided any current feedback.
All Kaspersky software, requires OFF/IGNORE switch(s) for notifications/popups.
Until Kaspersky fix this, (I) created 2 .pdfs, (one will do the job), uploaded to KPM Documents folder:

Unwelcome popups - stopped✊🏽!

Best regards🙏🏽

Note: KPM = Kaspersky Password Manager.
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Done the exact same thing Flood.
But then i noticed that I do not even use KPM so I just uninstalled it.
👌problem solved