How to exclude a file properly for all modules. The file is detected as Not-A-Virus: VHO: pswtool.win32.snadboy.gen

  • 11 March 2021
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I tried to exclude a file so that the antivirus ignored him.
I specified route, object, hash code, exclude for all component.
But the antivirus detects me by other modules:
Not-A-Virus: Heur: pswtool.win32.snadboy.gen
Not-a-virus: pswtool.win32.snadboy.2011
Not-A-Virus: VHO: pswtool.win32.snadboy.gen
I finally had to exclude it 3 times, one for each module that detected it.


I use KTS, Windows 10 20H2 (19042.804) x64


There is a way to exclude only once time, something like: Not-A-Virus: *: pswtool.win32.snadboy.gen

I have the same issues with Process Hacker, I excluded it, but, when I try update itself, KTS detected it like bad behavior and make rollback to the old version, but no restore all old files.

4 replies

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@RydemStorm  At your own risk and only if you trust the object please try this :

  • Disable option : Settings > General > Perform recommended actions automatically
  • Kaspersky will ask you to decide which action to take on detected objects
  • Chose for “Quarantine”
  • Restore the  quarantined object
  • Create an exclusion rule for the object 
  • Enable option : Settings > General > Perform recommended actions automatically :warning:

I did that, in some way, but, others modules eventually detect like a threat the file.

I would like keep the hash of file, and if is possible the object.

I added the file to exclude like a not-a-virus:PSWTool.Win32.SnadBoy.2011.

After some time was detected like not-a-virus:HEUR:PSWTool.Win32.SnadBoy.gen, I excluded again.

But later was detect like not-a-virus:VHO:PSWTool.Win32.SnadBoy.gen, was required exclude again.

I have actually the process hacker running without problems, but, when update itself, the KTS detect and rollback the installation.

I have pending create new rules to exclude process hacker to avoid the detection. I prefer wait to know how do that in more proper way.




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@RydemStorm Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support https://my.kaspersky.com/techsupport#/requests/new

Done, I am waiting response.

Request number: INC000012575544