How to decrypt .DOCM files

  • 8 July 2019
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My PC got .DOCM virus.All files became .DOCM files.Then I reinstall another OS.But I try to open my old file.It can be open. My Office files and Picture files all can not open.(all become .DOCM extention files). How to decrypt these files?
I upload one file(that can not be open).Please help me.Thanks!

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1 reply

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Hello jainyichen,
If you're using licenced Kaspersky software, open a support ticket in your MyKaspersky account, https://my.kaspersky.com, send them a sample of an encrypted file, make sure you mark the .zip "CONTAMINATED RANSOMEWARE", also send the same unencrypted file if you have available.

  • If you're using any Kaspersky FREE sofware please post back, as there is no access to Kaspersky Technical Support without a valid licence.
  • Also please clarify: you installed a clean OS and restored all the files that were encrypted or did you restore files that were not encrypted but now are encrypted?
Please let us know?