How to add an extra device. (three to four devices)

  • 21 July 2019
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I bought a Kaspersky Total Security license for three devices (notebooks). Everything works fine. Now I have another notebook, how can I add a new device to my license?

Thank you

7 replies

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Weclome. Please check this https://support.kaspersky.com/common/start/13886
Hello Berny and thank you for your reply. I checked the link you suggested me, and I couldn't find the solution to my problem. Here is the thing: I bought a Kaspersky Total Security license for three devices (notebooks), I connected all three devices with Kaspersky Total Security, but now I have a fourth notebook and I'd like to make my 3 products licence into a 4 products license. How can I do that? Thanks
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Hello, last I heard, there is no four (4) device license. Licences are non-transformable, last I heard. If I an currently correct, you may need to purchase one additional license for your fourth device.
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You are welcome. This option is not available , the solution is an additional seperate license.

Edit : Sorry Rich i just missed your above Post
Thank you guys for your replies. At this link I found a 4 devices licence. If I renewed my license buying a 4 devices licence key, could my fourth notebook be covered?
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@Antonello If the current license for your Kaspersky Lab product is still valid, the term of the new license will begin once you activate the application with the new activation code. You can use the remainder of the previous license term to protect a different computer.
thank you!!