How do I stop Kaspersky from prompting me that I have switched the webcam off.

  • 27 May 2019
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I have turned of my webcam as I don't want any apps to use it. I only want to use it for person communication within my family. Since turning it off I am constantly prompted by Kaspersky that I have switched the webcam off. How do I stop Kaspersky from doing this other than uninstalling Kaspersky. Which I will if I can resolve the problem. Not a Kaspersky fan and will go back to McAfee when this subscription ends.

1 reply

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Hello Ashanta1,


Show notification when the webcam is in use by an application for which webcam access is allowed
If this check box is selected, Kaspersky Total Security displays a notification when an application for which access is allowed is using the webcam.
  • In the notification window, you can edit the settings of application access to the webcam or choose not to receive any further notifications.
  • If this check box is cleared, the notification is not displayed.
This check box is available if the Block access to webcam for all applications check box is cleared.