How do i remove items from detected email? Heur.Hoax.Script. [Solved][Closed]

  • 10 December 2019
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How do i remove these items? resolve does nothing and i cant find them in my email.



Best answer by Flood and Flood's wife 10 December 2019, 07:19

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More info - the three items at the bottom. the top one is a false positive.


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Hello  @Darkeyce,


  • Have you checked Quarantine? 

:octagonal_sign:KTS Report, please select ALL Events, 24hrs, export the report, save as a text (.txt) file & attach to your Topic please?:octagonal_sign:

Please post back?

Thank you. 

ARGH! I did everything except check that, and there they were. All fixed now.  Thanks!

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Hello  @Darkeyce,

You’re very welcome:thumbsup_tone3: 

Thank you for letting me know:pray_tone3:  I’m delighted you found them:cartwheel_tone4:

Best regards.