HEUR:Trojan.HTML.Fraud.gen registreret

  • 25 June 2019
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I canrt remove this from my kaspersky.'
Please tell me what I have to do?

I have this message:
Objekt: [From:"Lindsy Ludwick " ][Subject: ***SPAM*** re: Social traffic ][Time:2019/06/12 19:54:35]/\Facebook-traffic-pricelist.html

And please see the image aswell.

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Hello Easy,
  1. Was the object received when you were using an application or via a mail msg?
  2. Have you cleared Kaspersky quarantine and rerun all scans?
  3. Can you go to Kaspersky REPORTS, export the report detail for the identified object only and post back, upload the txt report, (using the upload icon) in your reply please?
  4. Also, please share with us Kaspersky software, version/s, patch #s
  5. Operating system, version, build?
There are procedures, which we'll happily share, the info differs depending on system in use, please let me know so I can provide more steps please?
  1. The message was received when I used outlook office 360, and I have delete the message.
  2. Iam using window 2010
  3. I run full scan at kaspersky Total secure and no virus found.
  4. Kaspersky are not allowed to update skype anymore. The update faild.
  5. I have exportet the report. Please see the attacted file.
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Hello Easy,
Thanks for posting back.
Please tell us:
  1. Kaspersky software, version/s, patch #s installed on your system?
  2. Operating system, version, build?
  3. Is the object in Kaspersky QUARANTINE?
  4. IF it is, is there an have an option to DELETE the object?
Re: "Kaspersky not allowed to update skype anymore. The update failed"
  • Are you suggesting Skype update failed is related to the detected mail object?
Please let us know?
Are there any instruction to check all that? Iam sorry, but I don´t know how to check what you asking for.
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Hello Easy:

Kaspersky software information
Windows information: go to Windows, Settings, About, scroll to the bottom of the page to view the "About" info

  • Quarantine (this may be different, depending on which Kaspersky software you have) but try:
  1. Open Kaspersky Main application window
  2. Click More Tools
  3. Select Quarantine.
Any detected objects SHOULD be in quarantine and there SHOULD be a delete function.

If the object is NOT in quarantine, please let us know, there's more to do?

Unable to answer the Skpe issue as (imo) it's not related to the detected object and for us to help you with SKYPE issue we need more info please?

I cant delete this:
All from quarantine er dleted:

Please see the image:

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Welcome. Did you delete the emails? Are the emails gone? Are the emails still there?

Please contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/

Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request:

a. Description of the issue.
b. Screenshot, as needed.