Help with decryting file attacked by ransomware [MOVED] [Solved][Closed]

  • 18 July 2019
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Email address of the hacker email: europol.me@pm.me

We did a scan of a lun created by a Netapp Storage with bitdefender which recognized three maleware
  1. Srvmain.exe
  2. Werfault.exe
  3. kProcessHacker.sys
and in our attempt to decrypt the affected files we have downloaded Rannoh.

please how should we proceed with our decrypting effort: We have scanned a piece of the encrypted files with Rannoh but the software asked for the "Original file"

We now want to present the whole lun, but we understand that the whole lun is affected by three malware.
Please can you give information on how to proceed?

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Hello Okayjosh,
Please advise:
  • Operating system?
  • Version?
  • Build?
  1. Do you have Kaspersky software installed? IF "YES", please advise:
  2. Product name?
  3. Free or Licensed?
  4. Version?
  5. Patch(x)? x = letter
  • Do you have any reports/logs - generated by the system or software, that shows the detection/alerts?
  • IF "YES", please save the report as a txt file and upload using the upload icon in your reply post?
Please do NOT upload any contaminated files & or objects

Please let us know?
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Please review: https://support.kaspersky.com/8547#block1

Utility tries to calculate decryption key automatically. If it is not possible You need to find original copy at least one of encrypted files.