Google uses the webcam message dissapears too quick

  • 16 July 2019
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To my surprise I received a message in my Chrome browser "Google uses the webcam". It was a message which had the look and feel of Kaspersky, and I have Webcam protection turned On in Kaspersky.

But the message dissapeared in a few seconds and I didnt have enough time to choose the option to block this activity.

Is there a possibility to view the log of Webcam usage and to disable all Google webcam requests? I don't know wheter this request has been blocked or not as the message was gone too quick.

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5 replies

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Hello Conimex,
I know, this one is a "scary" alert, 'cause we, naturally, think the webcam has been hijacked.

KTS REPORTS, will show you the Google Webcam - ALERTS, however, these reports simply show the blocked object, associated application, date & time... very generic info.

And (if you're opsys is Windows) Windows does not log user activity.

  • To disable Google- Webcam, go to: chrome://settings/content/camera - select OFF,
  • Reboot the PC - full power off/power on.
  • Monitor KTS REPORTS, for 48 hours to see if the alert repeats.
Also, https://help.kaspersky.com/KTS/2019/en-US/85850.htm, provides info related to how Kaspersky software works with the camera:

Please let us know how you go?
The setting in Chrome was already turned off. To my surprise the KTS Reports show that Kaspersky gives access to Google CHrome webcam. While the reason I have Webcamprotector turned on is especially to block Chrome browser...!

How to block this access?

Also SpeechRuntime.exe gets access for audiostreaming while this setting is turned off in Windows 10.

I am disapointed Kaspersky does not block this automatically
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Hello Conimex,
Specific to Speechruntime ONLY - in KTS app:
  • Settings > General > Disable the "Perform recommended actions automatically"
  • Go to Settings > Protection > Applications Control > Manage Applications >
  • Top right hand corner of Kaspersky application: "View" > click on "View"
  • > Uncheck "Hide system applications"
  • > Seach Speech
  • > Deny access to both "Speech" .exes
  • Re- enable "Perform recommended actions automatically"
  • REBOOT - power OFF / ON PC
  • Monitor & report back if SRT is still appearing in KTS REPORTS?

Re "Google uses the webcam".
  1. Please capture a screen image of the alert and post back?
  2. What is the Windows DEFAULT browser setting?
  3. What browser configuration is set for KTS?
  4. When the "Google uses the webcam" alert appears, what activity is taking place in the browser? What site/s is / are being accessed?
  5. Please provide a screen image of KTS, Notifications - settings?
  6. Please replicate the issue, then, go to KTS REPORTS, select the 24 hrs period, export the report, save as a .txt file and upload, using the Upload icon, in your post.
Please let us know?
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Hello Conimex,
As well as my previous & again, specific to: "Google uses the webcam".
Please confirm the builtin webcam meets the documented requirements?
& in Windows, you've advised: Webcam is set to OFF, can you also please confirm, is every application in the subset - also set to OFF?
& in Windows, Device Manager - full name of camera?
&, again in Windows, any Imaging devices? If YES, please provide all available information?
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KTS 2020, as per Kaspersky:
  • Webcam Protection has been improved.
The application now doesn't show a notification when a trusted system process attempts to access the webcam.
  • You may wish to check, if it's not functioning as per design, please let us & the Lab know?

reference: https://help.kaspersky.com/KTS/2020/en-US/119653.htm