GOG Galaxy Plugins suddenly being blocked. “Startup is blocked for Console Window Host”.

  • 28 September 2021
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WIndows 10 version 21H1 (19043.1237)

Kaspersky Total Security version (f)

Kaspersky Total Security has suddenly started blocking running the plugins in GOG Galaxy that are used to connect to other gaming services (e.g. Steam, Origin, etc,) to allow  running of games and applications from these platforms through GOG Galaxy. I have not changed any settings within Kaspersky (or anywhere else), but it is now blocking the start up of these plugins, with the message “Startup is blocked for Console Window Host”.

I have found the application mentioned (Conhost.exe in Windows>System32)and put it on the exclusions list, but this  hasn’t resolved the issue.

Any idea’s of how to resolve this or roll back to whatever setting Kaspersy changed to start doing this?

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4 replies

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Hello, @TripleEss 

plugins → start → game or game → start → plugins?


Thanks for your reply,


All Plugins (Epic / Steam / Rockstar / Origin / Ubisoft Connect) > not a specific game as I’m just trying to start the plugins on GOG Galaxy, so I’m unable to launch any games associated with these platforms as the plugin can’t as Kaspersky appears to be blocking it.

I hope that has the information required.

Further to the above;


I start the plugin (any listed in the previous comment) and iimmediately get the notification “Startup is blocked for Console Window Host” from Kaspersky and the plugin doesn’t run > that’s the end of the process.

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Hello @TripleEss

Thank you for the information. 

  1. In Kaspersky Total Security (KTS) Reports, find all events that relate to GOG Galaxy Plugins & or “Startup is blocked for Console Window Host”, post full screen screenprint(s) of the Report? 
  2. & post a full screen screenprint of the “Startup is blocked for Console Window Host” alert, we need to see what you see? 

Thank you:pray_tone3: