Firewall exclusion not saving for FlightSimulator.exe

  • 8 October 2021
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I have a problem with KTS not saving a firewall exclusion for a particular executable.
I want to set the “application rules” for FlightSimulator.exe (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020) to exclude KTS from scanning all network traffic as it is interfering with the data stream for live air traffic within the sim.
So I go through the usual-
Settings > Protection > Firewall > Application Rules > *Find “FlightSimulator.exe”* > Details and Rules > Exclusions > Tick Do not scan network traffic and set it to All network traffic > Save
I then go to reopen the Details and Rules > Exclusions, and the save has not actually saved! The changes I previously made have vanished and not saved at all.

I’m admin user of my PC.
The install of MSFS2020 is the Microsoft Store version, which boots through the Win10 XBox app.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

1 reply

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Hi @MrSquishie , 

Will it work if you go via Settings → Threats and Exclusions → Specify trusted applications → Add → *Find “FlightSimulator.exe”* → ‘Do not scan network traffic’ → ‘OK’ ?